Security Policy

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At ShoppingLane we want to ensure that you can purchase with complete confidence online. We have taken every possible measure to give you absolute security and confidence in your dealings with us. 

ShoppingLane has a secure transaction environment for commerce on the internet. Our online transaction system uses Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) to ensure your online shopping experience is safe, sound and secure at all times. 

With the combination of ShoppingLane' digicert SSL 128-bit encryption on our website and a secure browser at your end you can be assured that your transaction details are encrypted. SSL locks all the information passed from you to in an encrypted envelope. This make it almost impossible to be intercepted by an unauthorised party. Another important security feature is that we never store your credit card details anywhere on our servers or anywhere else. 

SSL is the system that is used by all reputable e-commerce sites. The industry standard for encryption technology, SSL is compatible with most internet browsers including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and other browsers. 

Credit Card Fraud Prevention Screening

As a measure to counteract potential fraud and/or if we receive information that an order could be a potential fraudulent or unauthorised transaction, our fraud prevention team may email you requesting for a copy of your credit card along with your driver’s license or other form of identification and for the completion of a credit card authorisation form. If this happens, you need to assist and provide the information requested to us within 7 days. Your order/s will not be processed until the verification procedure has successfully concluded. If you fail to provide the required information, your order will be cancelled and your payment refunded back to the account (credit card) from which the original payment was made. 

If you are still concerned about using your credit card online or you do not have a credit card or prefer not to use your credit card you can always pay for a ShoppingLane purchase by Paypal. If you require any further information or if you have any questions or require assistance please contact us or you may wish to phone us on 1300 889 718.